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Are you an author?

As a professional copy writer, graphic artist, and author myself, I know how busy you can be writing and producing books, especially for the Kindle KDP Market. Renegade Writing Service offers a variety of author services to cover any of your needs in art design, working with your manuscript, and other aspects of your publishing business–stuff like mailing list content, websites, and more!

During my own experience in the Kindle market, using my skills in graphic arts and composition, as well as my knowledge of marketing and the writing process, I’ve always designed and produced every aspect of my own Kindle books.

What’s that mean for you?

Where do you need help? Book covers? Editing? Need help designing your mailing list emails or other marketing content inside your books or on your website? For that matter, do you need a website?

Check out what I can do to make your life easier and free up your time for what’s really important–writing more books.

Rates are included in each section, and if you’re wondering about something I can help you with that’s not listed below, or just want to chat about your ideas about design and editing, please don’t hesitate to contact me (click here).

 Cover Design

With many years of graphic arts and web design experience, I’ve been creating book covers for myself and my clients ever since I delved into the Kindle Market in 2015. If you’ve ever read any of the plethora of books out there on how to succeed in the KDP world, they all say the same thing: to have a good title and keywords, great blurb, excellent content, and don’t scrimp on the cover!!

Even if your book is amazingly awesome, if your cover ends up looking amateurish or Blasé, Kindle Readers scanning through a list of potential buys are going to pass you right by…

Get a cover that pops!

There’s a lot that goes into designing a good cover, and it requires a good understanding of overall composition, color theory, good skill with Photoshop and other graphics software, and even copy writing skills!

Three Book Cover Design Packages:

None of the covers I make for clients are created from a pre-made template. Your book cover will be custom-designed based on your book, our discussion about it, and your ideas of what atmosphere you’d like to convey.

  • Beautiful Basic (Tier 1 Package) – $100
    • Up to two images from stock or as supplied by you
    • Includes basic image manipulation that isn’t too complicated (typical stuff like removing images from stock background, etc.–we’ll discuss your needs).
    • Includes one revision.
    • Good for typical romance/erotica, bad boy, billionaire stuff–a male model, maybe a female, snappy fonts and positioning.
  • Vivid Value (Tier 2 Package) – $140
    • Up to three images from stock or as supplied by you.
    • Includes up to one man hour of extra image manipulation (pulling sections out of images, manipulating backgrounds, effects, etc.)
    • Includes two revisions.
    • Good for more complicated covers like some romance/erotica, but also sci-fi, fantasy, where you might have an image or two in the foreground over a background image, along with some blending, etc.
  • Complex Custom (Tier 3 Package) – $180+
    • Unlimited images, and access to the images from the stock company.
    • Includes up to two man hours of extra image manipulation.
    • Unlimited revisions.
    • If you want to do something complicated that will really require artistic manipulation of images, much like the custom poses of the Minecraft covers in the portfolio, or complex work that is more time-intensive than the Vivid Value package would support, we’ll discuss a Complex Custom cover.

Extra Services and Add-ons

  • Cover for Print Version (Createspace; front, spine, and back) – Additional $50
  • 3D version for promotion – Additional $10
  • 3D Bundle/Collection Version – Additional $20
  • “Look Inside” version for your Backlist and/or website – Additional $10

Many professional cover designers charge prices for their work upwards of $500 or more. In an effort to promote the Kindle KDP Author Market, I’m offering my services in Cover Design at rock-bottom prices, valued just to cover my time and expenses. For the details of my terms and conditions (payment details, turnaround time, etc.), click here. If you’d like to see some samples of book covers I’ve created for myself and other clients, see below!

View the “Book Cover” section of my Portfolio here. Or…

Terms and Conditions of Cover Design.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas for a book cover, contact me today!

Line Editing

As an English Major in college with a focus on Creative Writing, and later a professional copy writer with over ten years of commercial experience, I know what it takes to polish a manuscript for easy reading and clear communication.

My definition of “Line Editing” (aka “Copy Editing”) is a complete review and edit of your manuscript, which will include looking out for and correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, as well as a careful look at and revision of sentence and paragraph structure to keep the reader moving smoothly. This ultimately translates to making your book easier to read and a more pleasant experience for your fans.

I’m not averse to any genres! Not many professional editors will take erotica–especially the more “taboo” kind–but I’ll edit manuscripts centered around the genres of Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Thriller, Non-Fiction, Business, or pretty-much anything else…

Would you like to see what I can do?

Feel free to contact me (below) and ask for a free sample edit. I’ll edit up to 500 words of your manuscript to show you what kind of results you can expect.

Rates for Line Editing are $15 per 5000 words of the pre-edited manuscript for most works.

Question: Do I do proofreading?

No. Not really. When I edit a manuscript, I take my time and read out-loud to catch any mistakes that I might otherwise gloss over by reading in my head. If I were to offer some sort of proofreading service (i.e. editing light), I wouldn’t want to speed up my reviewing and risk not giving you the best work I can. You’re here because you need another set of eyes on your manuscript anyway. You may as well go with a real edit. My prices are competitive, and my skills will leave you with a polished and easy-to-read manuscript that you’ll find satisfying.

Samples of my Line Editing Work:

Terms and Conditions of Line Editing.

Contact me today to discuss your editing needs!


Formatting a book for Kindle or Createspace is something more technical–a skill where many very competent authors may still fall a little short. A good and polished manuscript may end up looking like a mess when it gets onto Amazon’s platform if you don’t know what you’re doing–doubly so with Createspace, which is even more complicated!

Is formatting uncomfortable territory for you? Or is preparing your manuscript for upload just taking too long and keeping you away from writing the next book?

I can help.

The Rate for Formatting, for Kindle or for Createspace (choose one) is $5 per 5000 words of the finished manuscript you give me to work with. This would include any other content included in the book–author’s introduction, copyright page, marketing in the front and back, excerpt from other books, etc.

For that rate, I will:

  • Make your manuscript consistent and clean in its fonts, headings, font sizes, spacing, justification, etc.
  • Add a table of contents, or clean up the one you already have and make sure that all of the ToC links are working.
  • Convert the final product into a .MOBI file (best for Amazon) or an .epub if you’re publishing elsewhere and prefer that instead.
  • If formatting for Createspace (which is quite different), I’ll be applying the appropriate margins, etc., for the book size you choose, indents, headers and footers, page numbers, removing references to Amazon trademarks, and making sure the pages and chapter beginnings are all ending up on the correct side of the book.

If you’re having me format a book for Kindle, for an extra $20, I’ll also create an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) version in .PDF, with cover art, and a special ARC message, including links to the book’s review page in the front and back. You can use the ARC PDF to send to your reviewer list or otherwise make the book available for free to the online community to solicit Amazon reviews.

If you need your book formatted for Kindle AND Createspace, and order both services, I’ll give you a 20% Discount to format the manuscript into both KDP and Createspace formats!

For examples of my formatting, see the samples listed under the “Line Editing” section (Click here). I formatted all of those sample books (free on Amazon). I also formatted some of the books by those authors for paperbacks sold on Createspace.

Terms and Conditions of Formatting.

Contact me today to see how I can help you with formatting your book!

Other Author Services

What else can I do for you?

We’ve covered the main elements (above):

  • Cover Design
  • Line Editing
  • Book Formatting

But there are many other aspects to building a strong and successful author platform and making yourself easy to find for your fans!

Blurb Design (Book Description)

  • One of the main keys in publishing a successful book is designing a book description, or ‘blurb‘, that’s concise, clear, and hooks the reader into hitting “Buy it Now“. A good cover makes a customer look at your book. A good blurb closes the deal.
  • I’ll write you a good blurb for $50, including one revision.

In-Book Marketing Material

  • Inside each successful book is good marketing material, placed in strategic points, that will encourage readers to join your mailing list, buy subsequent books in a series, sign up for contests, look at your catalog of other books (and hopefully click on one), and leave your book a review on Amazon.
  • Contact me to discuss your individual marketing plan, and we’ll come up with a quote for my in-book marketing services.


  • If you’ve got a mailing list, or are just starting a mailing list, I can help you write the newsletters and other emails involved with setting up a good auto-responder book sales generator. There are many ways to do a newsletter, from a traditional format going out to your subscribers once a month, to sending automatic messages via aweber, etc., every several days to keep in consistent contact, pushing the beginning of new sales funnels, asking for reviews, earning book sales volume in coordination with a launch, and more.
  • Contact me to discuss your ideas for newsletters, and I’ll come up with a custom quote for how I can help you with that.

Web Design, Ad Graphic Design, and MORE!

  • Developing an Author Platform can also involve several elements of the normal copy writing and web design services I offer to the non-Author industries.
  • Need a website? I can help. Check out my web design services to learn more.
  • As a graphic artist, I can help you create any manner of images for use in your website, facebook advertising, social media advertising, cover reveals, and more…

Contact me to talk about any ideas you might have that aren’t specifically listed here.